Wolverine Nov18


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Yellow spandex aside, there’s not a lot more more manly than the Wolverine, the no bull, beast of a comic book hero. Not a lot changes when talking about Wolverine Boots either. It’s not just their historic routes in outdoor work boots that make them a proper man’s choice (and a personal favourite of mine), but their unique designs that set them apart. They have a more edgy feel than Timberland, and while less known have carved themselves a far smaller but loyal following. It’s the quality of the leather, the thought behind the design, the attention to detail that sets them apart from a lot of other boots.

This winter Davina has selected from the Wolverine 1883 Collection. They still have the ‘dependably rugged’ feel that Wolverine are reknowned for, but they add a really trendy take on the boot. Take a look at the full collection, click on the image below.